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Have any ideas on something you would like Adobe LiveCycle Designer to do? Is there something we could be doing better? Do you know what the next killer feature should be?

The Designer Team and I are always on the look-out for some input on features that our customers would like to see in our product. While we collect lots of feature ideas from various sources, anyone in the software industry will understand how the priorities are always divided between “essential”, “critical” and “must-have”, which makes it very difficult to actually decide what to work on.

That’s where the “Featur-O-meter” comes-in. My goal is to provide you with a quick way to vote on some popular features as well as give you an opportunity to suggest new ones. This would help us determine which feature could benefit the most people as well as give you a voice at our feature planning meetings.

Please vote on the feature you would most like to see in a future release* of Designer or drop a comment to suggest a new one to add to the list.

* Please note: While we greatly appreciate your feedback, we cannot promise we’ll get around to implementing any of these features nor can we promise always to implement the most popular one. We have to balance various commitments in every release cycle along with estimated feature time requirements which doesn’t always leave us with extra time.

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March 12, 2010: Added archive listing.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on August 30th, 2007
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7 Responses to “Featur-O-meter”

  1. Alessio on September 25th, 2009

    I think a debugger is a must.
    Second, I think that also some layouts improvements (ie numbered and bulletted list, enhanced controls on widows/orphans paragraphs, and so) will be a great think.


  2. Rick Kuhlmann on October 14th, 2009

    I agree on-board debugger in a pallette is a must. Also you could improve you render of the XML. Sometimes is so slow.

    I am currently working on a 5 page form with 32.5K lines of XML and it takes almost 5 minutes to get to a point where I can scroll effectively.

    Any yes sometimes I go into the XML to make changes especially global ones for say a Name change.

    Oh, one other thing. I would like to see if you could reduce the margin requirements on all fillable objects (Text, Numeric, etc.). There are times when you would like to get really close with a caption and value but there are limits in current Designer versions.

  3. Stefan Cameron on October 19th, 2009

    Rick Kuhlmann,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

    Could you clarify with which version(s) of Designer you’re experiencing the trouble with the large form as well as the restrictions with the margins?

    When you say, “there are times when you would like to get really close with a caption and value”, do you mean you would like there to be no space between the caption and content areas within a field such that the text would look like “captionvalue”?

  4. Rick Kuhlmann on February 18th, 2010

    Wow, sorry for the long delay in responding.

    If I remember correctly it was LCD 8.1

  5. Stefan Cameron on April 14th, 2010

    @Rick Kuhlmann,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a lead on the scrolling issue but I noticed you had asked about margins. Note that you can set the margins on fields using the Layout palette.

  6. Walter Schnell on October 19th, 2010


    where should I put a feature request for GUI elements? – I would like to have the date “chooser” come up immediately when the field gets the focus. Then, a time UI element would be nice. Third, in a timestamp field, at least the date UI-element should be available.


  7. Stefan Cameron on October 23rd, 2010

    @Walter Schnell,

    Those are interesting ideas! You can submit feature requests here. The team does pay attention to these, though they can’t promise they will act on every request.