Stefan Cameron on Forms
Building intelligent forms using Adobe LiveCycle Designer


Hello and thank you for reading my blog! I was a Computer Scientist for 10 years at Adobe Systems Incorporated in Ottawa (Canada).

I spent my first 5 years designing and building new features for Adobe’s LiveCycle Designer application. Then I worked on the Adobe LiveCycle Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator for a couple of years. My final years were spent working on other solutions with the Enterprise Solutions Team. The one constant throughout my entire tenure at Adobe was working on and with the LiveCycle product suite.

I continued to use the latest and greatest LiveCycle Designer almost every day. With my in-depth knowledge of the application and my internal contacts, I did my best to provide you with the whole story on my posts so that you would not only know the how but the why.

I made appearances at various conferences such as the annual BFMA Symposium and the Adobe MAX conferences.

I’m now pursuing the next steps in my career. You can follow me on Twitter, though I no longer have time to answer forms-related questions.

What you’ll find here

This blog is all about building XFA forms with LiveCycle Designer. You’ll find plenty of tutorials to help you get started, or show you how to do some more complex things, as well as many sample scripts and informational articles on things concerning form design and Designer as a product.

You’ll also find a lot of information on Adobe Acrobat (since that’s the most frequently used client application for electronic form deployment in PDF format) as well as some tidbits on other LiveCycle products.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on April 17th, 2007