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@SConForms at Adobe MAX 2009

It’s hard to believe but only 48 hours remain until I find myself in Los Angeles heading to the LA Convention Center to check-in at the MAX 2009 conference. Before I head down there, I though I would share a few final details that might interest you.

Whether or not you are heading to MAX, Twitter is a huge part of MAX this year:

  • Though I have yet to follow the masses, I will attempt to tweet at @SConForms;
  • You can check-out what people are saying about MAX by searching for the #adobemax tag (and if you tweet about MAX, you should use the tag as well!); and
  • Each of my labs will have designated Twitter tags, #adobemax49 (Oct 6, 3:30-5pm, PST) and #adobemax357 (Oct 7, 11am-12:30pm, PST), so that attendees can collaborate, ask questions and give feedback.

The MAX Resources page has even more Twitter details, including other ways to follow MAX like FaceBook, the MAX Blog, flickr, etc.

For those of you who can’t join us this year, Adobe has just launched the MAX Online site where you’ll be able to watch live keynotes and the top 3 daily sessions.

Here’s to an awesome MAX conference this year and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I’ll be back to my blog as of Oct 19, after taking a little bit of time off following the conference.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on October 2nd, 2009
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Adobe MAX 2009 Lab Update

We have been hard at work on our Solution Accelerator lab (filter by Speaker and choose my name, “Cameron, Stefan”). Now that the content is coming together, there have been a few changes which I thought I should mention in light of my previous post.

In order to ensure the lab is successful in the short amount of time we have (90 minutes) to build a small end-to-end solution, the Content Creation (CCR) and Correspondence Generation (CGR) building blocks will no longer be featured. Instead, we will feature the following building blocks, which should give you a taste for their power to accelerate your own solutions:

In the mean time, here’s some fun MAX trivia. You never know when it might come in handy…

Posted by Stefan Cameron on August 24th, 2009
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Adobe MAX 2009

I have just been asked to be one of the speakers/trainers for the “Developing Enterprise Solutions Using Adobe Solution Accelerators” lab in the LiveCycle Develop track at MAX this year. Once you’ve registered for MAX, launch the Scheduler and choose “By Session > Filter By: (product) LiveCycle ES; (speaker) Cameron, Stefan” to see my sessions. I will most likely be focusing my time on the Correspondence Generation (CGR) and Content Creation (CCR) building blocks which ship as part of the Solution Accelerator SDKs.

See you there!

Adobe MAX 2009

Aug 24, 2009 — Added links to the CCR and CGR building blocks.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on July 22nd, 2009
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MAX 2008 Tutorial – Part 3 – Form Guide

Welcome to the third and final part of a three-part post series tutorial on importing data into a form guide and a PDF. The first part covered the form design, the second part covered the Flex code and the third part will cover designing and debugging the form guide that will complete the solution.

Form Guide Layout

The goal is to design a form guide which will provide two panels: one for user options and the other for results.

The first panel will expose the 4 fields inside the GuideObjects subform (which are only meant to be exposed in the form guide — hence why the GuideObjects subform has the Initialize script to hide it if the host isn’t “Flash”). The user will have the option to choose an actor and/or category for further filtering and will then click on the GetMovies button to execute the request on the Movie Service. When the requested XML is returned to the form guide, the GetMovies result handler will convert the XML into instances of MovieRow inside the Listing table.

The second panel will use a repeater layout to expose the Listing table’s contents within the form guide however this panel will only be accessible if the movie query returned 1 or more results.

Once the results are in, the user will then be able to switch (“flip”) to the PDF view which will show the Listing table in the form, from which the user could then print or archive the results.

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Posted by Stefan Cameron on November 19th, 2008
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MAX 2008 Tutorial – Part 2 – Flex Code

Welcome to the second in a three-part post series on importing data into a form guide (and, by extension, a PDF form). In the first part, we designed the XFA form that will provide us with the print/archive view of the movies retrieved from the Movie Service. The second part will focus on the special Flex code we will need to include in the form which will ultimately be executed by Flash when it runs in the form guide which we’ll design in part 3.

Flex Code in XFA Forms

The key to today’s tutorial is understanding when and where the script you write in an XFA form (JavaScript or FormCalc) is compiled or interpreted.

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Posted by Stefan Cameron on November 18th, 2008
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