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Final Post: XFA Tank Wars

Dear Readers and Fellow Form Developers,

The time has come for me to focus my extra energy on other goals and projects at Adobe and at home.

I have thoroughly enjoyed helping the XFA community for these past 4.5 years. All of the content on this blog was a direct result of your questions and I learned a great deal about Adobe’s XFA technology and its LiveCycle Enterprise Suite along the way. Thank you!

I leave you now with a final “form to end all forms” (in my mind, anyway): A version of the classic Tank Wars game implemented entirely in XFA + JavaScript.

Why do this, you wonder? Well, it was a good challenge, you couldn’t embed Flash in an XFA form back then and I wanted to do something that would really put LiveCycle Designer’s Script Editor through its usability paces.

Comments are now closed on all posts and pages except for this one and the XFA Tank Wars page which will close on December 31, 2010. I will continue to host this blog for your reference and bookmarks however I cannot guarantee it will be available forever.

Good luck on all your present and future form development projects.


Posted by Stefan Cameron on December 3rd, 2010
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Post Frequency Change

Just a quick note to make you aware that while I may not be posting very frequently for the time being, I am still actively responding to your questions via comments.

Excerpts of the 10 most recent comments are now conveniently located directly on the home page, in case you want to see the latest activity.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on March 18th, 2010
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Ready For 2010!

Hello everyone,

I trust you’re all ready for the new year/decade ahead of us! I’ll be catching-up to comments over the next couple of weeks and hope to be posting some new tutorials soon.

Happy New Year!


Posted by Stefan Cameron on January 4th, 2010
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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

I will be taking a break from blogging from now until the new year.

I hope you will enjoy the holidays! I will return January 4, 2010.


Posted by Stefan Cameron on December 18th, 2009
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Hello everyone!

Thanks for being patient over the past couple of weeks while I’ve been on vacation getting some local R&R.

I had a nice break spending time working on the “job jar” around the house as well as continuing web design work on, a site I designed and developed last year for a group of professional classical musicians from the Ottawa and surrounding regions. Incidentally, they have a Christmas concert coming-up on December 11, 2009. You should definitely consider attending if you don’t have plans yet — it’ll be a wonderful time for you and your family!

I will be catching-up to comments in the queue over the next week or so. Stay tuned for more news and tutorials!

Posted by Stefan Cameron on November 30th, 2009
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