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Tip: Inserting Line Breaks in Text

Did you know that you could insert a line break, as opposed to a paragraph break, in between two lines in a text object using the [Shift + Enter] keyboard sequence?

When editing the contents of a text object, pressing the [Enter] key will produce a paragraph break which means that any Above and/or Below Spacing you have specified will come into effect, amongst other paragraph formatting-related properties. Under the hood, the effect is the insertion of a “new line” character (\n) in a plain text object or a new <p> tag in a rich (XHTML) text object.

Sometimes, however, you need to break a line without producing a new paragraph. For example, you might have a long URL to insert and, given its position within the contents, it ends-up being broken onto another line and you would prefer to keep it on a single line, yet part of the same paragraph. To do this, use the [Shift + Enter] keyboard sequence. The result is a “soft” break to another line without moving to a new paragraph. Under the hood, this translates into the insertion of a U+2029 Unicode break character in plain text or a <br> tag in rich (XHTML) text.

Those of you using a version of Designer which precedes the 8.2.1 release should note that when using [Shift + Enter] in a plain text object, the contents of the object gets converted into rich text since previous versions of Designer would always use the <br> tag to denote a line break. Designer 8.2.1 coincided with the release of Acrobat/Reader 9.0 which provided improvements to the Text Engine in order to support the plain text U+2029 Unicode break character.

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Posted by Stefan Cameron on January 29th, 2010
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Purchase Designer ES2 Upgrade

The LiveCycle Product Blog has some recent information on the availability of the Designer ES2 Upgrade which can now be purchased on the Adobe Store.

Note that, going forward, Designer will no longer be available for purchase apart from Acrobat Pro or Workbench (i.e. you will no longer be able to purchase Designer without purchasing one of these two other products).

Posted by Stefan Cameron on January 14th, 2010
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Acrobat/Reader 9.3 Now Available

The Adobe Reader Blog has a recent post describing what’s new with these security updates. Amongst other things, there is now a JavaScript Blacklist Framework which “provides customers granular control over the execution of specific JavaScript API calls.”

There is also an 8.2 update to Acrobat/Reader which includes some of these features as well.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on January 14th, 2010
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Ready For 2010!

Hello everyone,

I trust you’re all ready for the new year/decade ahead of us! I’ll be catching-up to comments over the next couple of weeks and hope to be posting some new tutorials soon.

Happy New Year!


Posted by Stefan Cameron on January 4th, 2010
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