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XFA 3.1 Spec Now Available

The XFA 3.1 specification is now available. Note that while XFA 3.1 is supported by ES2, Reader and Acrobat will not support it until a future release. Therefore, you may want to stick with XFA 3.0 for the time being, unless you have a specific need for XFA 3.1 features within an ES2 environment.

Here’s a short list of what’s new in XFA 3.1:

  • relational data support for data containing multiple tables related by keys;
  • ability to bind to non-schema-defined elements (i.e. data injection into a schema data description);
  • long or short edge duplexing; and
  • support for more label printers, including Datamax Printer Language (DPL), Intermex Printer Language (IPL), and Tally Compressed Printer Language (TCPL).

Posted by Stefan Cameron on December 1st, 2009
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2 Responses to “XFA 3.1 Spec Now Available”

  1. raghavendra on December 5th, 2009

    Hi Stefan, you mentioned one of the label print driver TCPL. Whereas we actually support TPCL by Toshiba TEC.

  2. Stefan Cameron on December 5th, 2009


    I didn’t find that in the spec — thanks for clarifying that.