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I just got word of two excellent new resources for those of you interested in Designer and LiveCycle, whether you use LiveCycle Designer specifically or the Designer that ships with Acrobat:

Posted by Stefan Cameron on November 14th, 2006
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  1. Hemant Garg on July 1st, 2010

    Hi ALL,

    I’m looking for the right approach to create a Form.

    Scenario is to collect the user’s information in a Dynamic PDF. The PDF file would be contain 20 – 100 pages.

    Now the user given a choice to select the language known from the drop Down menu( for Eg. french, Spanish, Hebrew( with their own language fonts).

    once selected- the entire form should now be shown according to the language selected.

    Issues to consider:

    1) Here i have a major challenge as the layout and certain fields and data are removed or added. depending upon the language.

    2) Adding Right to Left language support Eg Arabic
    3) sending the data to the server – i guess this would be easy part as i would try to manage to get the right XSD file for it.

    Estimated solutions i think to be :

    a) Add all different language forms as a package to the main PDF
    – not sure whether we can really implement this or not. If yes, how efficient it would be?
    – secondly the size of the Package would might become an issue.
    b) to have a WSDL call to retrive the data accroding to the language
    – here the removing and adding of fields require additional work thru JavaScript.
    – Addressing the Right to left language support would be very difficult.

    c) Having a Hyperlink to each language selected to load PDF in the same browser.
    – not sure about the cons here

    d) creating one single PDF form with sub-forms mapped to each language. i.e only showing one sub-form according to the language selected.

    – adding new language requires lot of care while modifying JavaScript code and to the new Sub-Forms added.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hemant Garg