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If I were going to MAX 2008

There’s less than a week to go and I don’t have a ticket to MAX 2008 yet. It’s unfortunate since I was hoping to catch-up with a few colleagues, meet some of my readers and get a chance to present a couple of things: For one, the work we’ve been doing on Adobe’s new Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator showcases some pretty cool PDF/Flex interaction. Thankfully, you can at least see a demo by attending the LiveCycle ES and Adobe Solution Accelerators session while you’re there. I also would’ve liked to demonstrate a different way to import data into a dynamic PDF form using Flex via a Form Guide without using FlexBuilder (assuming you know your Flex syntax and the mx.rpc.http.HTTPService class).

But why hold back? Christmas will soon be here and in the spirit of giving, I figured I would still do my part remotely and write a series of posts over the course of the conference next week that will show you how to do the data import via Flex. I hope you’ll find it useful.

Stay tuned…

Posted by Stefan Cameron on November 11th, 2008
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