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LiveCycle Designer 8.05 Update

Since I posted about the new Acrobat/Reader 8.1 Update, I’ve had a few inquires about whether this also updates Designer. In fact, one of my readers recently pointed-out the fact that I was mistaken in thinking that the Acrobat update wasn’t also updating Designer. I’m glad some of you on top of this — sometimes there are just too many things to keep track of. 😉

The fact is that Designer does, in fact, get updated but only if you’re installing the Acrobat Pro 8.1 update since that’s the only way you can get the retail version of Designer 8.0. This means that if you have both Reader 8.0 and Acrobat Pro 8.0 installed on the same machine and you install only the Reader 8.1 update, Designer will not be updated (hence my mistake in thinking Designer wouldn’t get updated in any scenario).

As you can see here,

Designer gets a minor update to version 8.05 when you install the Acrobat Pro 8.1 update. This update to Designer contains only major bug fixes and not any new functionality (i.e. you won’t get any of the new LC Designer ES, a.k.a. version 8.1, features like Form Fragments and the Guide Builder Tool).

To get LC Designer ES, you’ll have to purchase an upgrade later this Summer for a small fee (same deal as when Designer 7.1 was released a couple of years ago). That’s because LC Designer ES introduces significant changes and a host of brand new, powerful features.

I apologize to those whom I led astray about the Designer 8.05 update.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on June 14th, 2007
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9 Responses to “LiveCycle Designer 8.05 Update”

  1. David Little on June 21st, 2007


    I have been lookin high and low for an answer. I am new to the programming side of Acrobat and new to LifeCycle. My primary job is a airline pilot, I use my computing skills to “proof of concept” for departmental use and present to corporate for incorporation into our IT solution. I have made a form which will be submitted monthly by several hundred users. It is posted on our Corporate workarea website. So far so good. The problem is that when the form is submitted with the [Submit] button all .xml data is returned with the same name formname.xml. I have looked at the form objects and submit and there is no method/property option to rename the submitted .xml file. I have seen suggestions to rename the pdf file prior to [Submit] but I don’t know what king of consequences this would have. Idea woulb be to have the .xml filename Text1Text2.xml a concant of two text fields as the data will go several different places prior to db import based on this text fields, I could seperate the data after import in my db, but the duplicate name.xml still present me with a problem. Perhaps a java bases Submit routine not limited to the Acrobat functions.

    This is the Submit event from th wizard

    I have seen refrence to a LifeCycle book in the making, I will find and read. I do not suspect it will address this issue. I intend to learn these products but for now I have an immediate problem.

    Sorry the question has been submitted as c comment to another blog. I could not find any submission option on your blog.


    David Little

  2. Troy on June 22nd, 2007

    Dear Mr. Cameron,

    We upgrade our reader versions every time a new version is released. We upgraded to reader 8.0 last December and now are going to upgrade to 8.1. As a spot check we tested all dynamic PDFs, previously tested with reader 8.0, with reader 7.0.5 and the form crashes. Any input on what could be the cause? Error found was:

    Also now if we upgrade to 8.1, will our 8.0 tested forms function the same way?

  3. Stefan Cameron on June 23rd, 2007


    You’re certainly not the first one to request the ability to specify a name for the submitted XML data file. Unfortunately, there just isn’t any way to do it today in Acrobat/Reader. The submitted XML data file will always take the name of the PDF form from which it was submitted.

    I’ll try suggesting this feature request once again to my colleagues on the Acrobat Team to see if they have any plans to address this in a future release.

  4. Stefan Cameron on June 26th, 2007


    Unfortunately, it looks like there aren’t any immediate plans to add a feature to Acrobat which would let you specify the name of the XML data that gets submitted. If you have a moment, could you submit a request for this feature using Adobe’s Feature Request Form?

  5. Stefan Cameron on June 27th, 2007


    Unfortunately, the error you quoted didn’t make it into your comment.

    If you saved the form as a 8.0 dynamic PDF and tried loading it in Reader 7.0.5, for example, then I would imagine you would get a notice stating that the PDF requires a newer version of the Reader.

    All your old dynamic forms (forms older than those created in Designer ES, that is, version 8.1) should work just the same in Acrobat/Reader 8.1. In fact, they should perform better than ever because of major enhancements to the dynamic PDF form rendering engine in the updated version.

  6. SCott sheck on August 21st, 2007

    So does anyone know when Designer 8.1 is going to be released?

  7. Stefan Cameron on August 30th, 2007

    Scott Sheck,

    Please see the article I just posted on Designer 8.1’s release. I’ve been so busy with projects lately that this completely slipped my mind. Thanks for reminding me about it!

  8. scott sheck on August 30th, 2007

    Hurray! Thank you. Adobe should publicize this more. I can’t even find it on their website nor when I check for updates in Adobe Professional can it find it.

  9. Arun David on June 10th, 2009

    We develop forms in Designer Version 7.0 and enable the forms with Arco Pro version 8.Now the problem is that we are using iText API to populate these forms with data from another application.

    If we enable the forms we are unable to populate the data but if we do not enable the forms we are able to populate the data.There are some properties that are set when the forms are enabled and when not enabled and i have listed them below

    Before Enabling the following properties set.

    /Type, /StructTreeRoot, /MarkInfo, /AcroForm, /Pages, /Names, /Metadata

    After enabling(both version 8 following properties set.

    /NeedsRendering, /Type, /StructTreeRoot, /MarkInfo, /AcroForm, /Pages, /Perms, /Names, /Metadata

    After enabling /NeedsRendering , /Perms properties are set extra. Please explain more on the properties set during desing or enabling form.

    Does these properties hinder in reading the forms.Please Help