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What's new in 7.1?

For those of you still running Designer 7.0 or earlier, check-out the new stuff available in 7.1 on the Adobe LiveCycle Designer site.

There’s a “what’s new” link under the Learn More column.

Among my favourites are:

  • New Table object — play with rows and cells to get really nice layouts.
  • Dynamic Properties — automatically populate list objects with data from data connections.
  • Paper Forms Barcodes — reduce data entry errors by encoding field values into a barcode which can be scanned from paper once the form has been filled, printed and manually signed.
  • Conditional Breaks — use changes in your data to trigger breaks in your pagination (e.g. when the category changes, start the new one on a new page).
  • Data-Nominated Subforms — use changes in your data to determine which subform should be filled next.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on May 5th, 2006
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One Response to “What's new in 7.1?”

  1. Thomas Groenbaek on May 6th, 2006

    Hi formBuilder

    Do you/adobe have any tutorials/samples on the two last new feautures i 7.1:
    – Conditional Breaks
    – Data-Nominated Subforms

    Where to find more info??
    Jyske Bank – Denmark