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Acrobat 9.1 Security Patch Now Available

Everyone using Acrobat/Reader 9.0 (on both Windows and Mac) should now upgrade to the just-released 9.1 version which includes a number of bug fixes as well as a fix to a critical security vulnerability. The link has information about the vulnerability that has been addressed in the patch as well as links to the downloads for each flavor (Win, Mac, Reader, Pro, Extended…). Updates to earlier versions of Acrobat/Reader are also available.

Updated Mar 18, 2009

Posted by Stefan Cameron on March 11th, 2009
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Transparent Image Support

Did you know that transparency in GIF and 8-bit PNG images is supported as of Designer and Acrobat/Reader 8.0?

If you have an image that has a transparent area in it (perhaps you have an odd-shaped logo which you want to place on a colored background in your form), you can save it as a GIF or 8-bit PNG with a single color indexed as transparent.

There are various PNG formats: 8-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit. The 8-bit format is supported and uses an indexed color table in which colors may be marked as transparent (only one of which is supported in Designer/Acrobat/Reader). The 24-bit format is also supported and provides true colors (non-indexed) but no transparency. Finally, the 32-bit format allows for varying degrees of transparency (i.e. an alpha channel) within the image but is not supported at this time.

The GIF format is at most 8-bit and uses an indexed color table in which colors may be marked as transparent however Designer/Acrobat/Reader only supports one transparent color within the color index.

Updated: May 26, 2009

Posted by Stefan Cameron on March 9th, 2009
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LiveCycle Components for your Solutions

Have you ever wondered which LiveCycle components you would need to build your solution? There is a vast array of tools at your disposition within LiveCycle so how do you figure-out which ones you’ll need? Furthermore, they’re not all included in the package — some are part of LiveCycle Foundation while others are purchased “a la carte”. To make sure you purchase/install only what you’ll need, check-out this post on Avoka’s LiveCycle Blog. It’s a very useful list to have.

Posted by Stefan Cameron on March 4th, 2009
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